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Enjoy your vacation safely


We are pleased that most of the measures to counter the spread of the pandemic, which would have restricted life or vacation, have been reduced, at least temporarily. At the same time, everyone should be made aware of the need to continue to act responsibly and with caution in order to avoid unnecessary risks - especially for others.
We are convinced that each of our guests can enjoy a wonderful holiday with us. So that we can make this possible for you, without constraints, we only need understanding cooperation and active consideration for one another.
We have further intensified our already high hygiene standard. All that remains for our guests is easy to understand and easy to implement "rules of the game".

Subject to change - stand 04/10/2020

  • With distance = with decency. Distance does not prevent new friendships. And even without a handshake, our welcome is no less cordial.
  • Mouth and nose protection is mandatory, but only in indoor public areas. On the other hand, not when eating, in the pools and sauna or when doing sports.
  • Intensive hand hygiene is self-evident already. You will also find disinfectant dispensers at various points.
  • Travel together = dine together. Tables are reserved for groups, families and friends, as always with us you will be accompanied to the table on your first visit.
  • Safe with buffet: we would like to continue to offer you a large selection at the buffet. But this requires your cooperation: hand disinfection before going to the buffet!
  • Our SPA VITAL is open for you; even with an earlier start in order to avoid “traffic jams”: please only with your partner or roommate per sauna. With five different saunas, you will always be able to find a free one.
  • The pools and the pond are also just as much fun.
  • Remember this even in familiar surroundings; e.g. with friends or family members from different households. Right then trust could be a bad advisor.
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