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A short coffee lexicon

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What is an espresso? Here, hot water gets pressed through a a grinded and strongly roasted coffee powder (with high pressure). Thus, a rather murky coffee drink is mostly with a lot of foam. Caffeine contents is at about 80 - 120 mg within 7 g coffee powder, depending on mixture (Arabica and Robusta)
What is a Ristretto? Ristretto is a strongly grinded Espresso, which is brewed with only a little bit of water.
What is a coffee Corretto? Corretto is a Espresso with a shot of Anis, Sambuca, Amaretto, Grappa or Fernet
What is a Caffé Crème? Caffé Crème is a Espresso (with a perfect brewing time of up to 30 seconds), during which 8-9g of the coffee is grinded more roughly as for a "normal" Espresso - this procedure produces an attractive cream topping on the coffee.
What is a Macchiato? Macchiato is a Espresso with a shot of cold or hot milk.
What is a Latte Macchiato? A three-step Cappuccino variant: served in a glass, milk at the bottom, coffee in the middle and on top, cool milk foam.
What is a milk coffee, Cafè au lait or Caffè Latte? A milk coffee is a Caffé Crème with warm milk and only a little bit of foam. If a milk coffee is served in a glass, you would call it Caffè Latte. Café au lait is the traditional breakfast drink in France, which is - contrary to a milk coffee/Caffé latte - produced without any milk foam. This coffee drink is made of one part coffee and two parts milk.
What is a Cappuccino? A Cappuccino is known as a Espresso with a little bit more water (long Espresso), which is topped with foamed milk ("Milchhaube") and werved with cocoa powder on top of it.
What is a "kleiner Brauner"? The Austrian name for a Espresso
What is a "Verlängerter"? The Austrian name for a Caffé Crème
What is a Melange? The Austrian name for a Cappucino
What is a Caffé Freddo? Caffé Freddo is a long espresso, served cold with a little bit of sugar
What is a "Kapuziner"? A Kapuziner is a Cappuccino with a whipped cream topping
What is "Pott"? Pott is known as a double Café Crème, served in a coffee dup

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