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A short tea lexicon

Here we will explain a few terms around the topic of tea....

Typ: Description:
Aromatic tea black and green tea, to which natural or artifical flavouring substances are added
Ayurvedic tea is a tea stemming from Indian alternative medicine
Leave grades are distinguished depending on the grading of the dried tea leaves
Blend ist the English term for mixture
Flower tea / Blossom tea a fine, natural flavoured tea
Brahm Atma Singh´s Indian alternative medicine, mixes Ayurvedan tea from original recipes
Broken is known as a tea, which is repeatedly crushed via rolling and thus forms a strong tea mixture
CTC industrial production method and short for crushing, tearing, curling , which means breaking, rupturing and rolling. Is known as the first pucking of Darjeeling- and Assam tea. Also known as "Flug tea".
Darjeeling is known as the "Champagne" of teas, comes from the tea growing area within the Northern parts of India
Formosa is the old term for Taiwan (very good Oolongs)
Fruit tea mixutre of various dried fruit without tea
Yellow tea similar to Oolong
Gunpowder term for ball-shaped, rolled green tea from China and Formosa
Herren tea an especially strong, high-quality tea
Honeybush tea which is gained from the South African honey bush
Yogi-tea is an Ayurvedan spiced tea mixture
Kluntje is the East Frisian expression for rock sugar
Lapacho is known as the "tea of the Incas", stems from South America and is produced from the bark of the Lapacho tree
Matcha Yapanese, green powder tea, is used for the classic tea ceremony
Mate tea stemming from the South American gauchos, is produced from the leaves of the English holly
Mini Tuocha special form of a Pu Erh Tee, is known as "bird's nest - tea"
Oolong halfly fermented tea from China and mostly Tawain
Rooibush also known as Rooibos or Rothbush, stems from a South African bush
Second flush is known as the second plucking during a vegetation period
Tips are the leaf tips of a tea plant with a low level of tanning agents
White tea not green, not black or greenish brown as Oolong tea

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