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Enjoy our Breakfast Buffet

Versatile strengthening for a perfect holiday

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the entire day. You are spending your holidays here and you have time - enjoy a generous breakfast buffet and gain strength for your holiday at the Kitzbüheler Alps. Of course, you can enjoy reading a newspaper together with your breakfast.

We offer a large selection: enjoy with all your senses. You decide how to start the day - with a hearty meal with Tyrolean bacon, cheese, sausages, butter and fried eggs, or you can choose the soft version with various cereals, fruit, natural joghurt, diet jam and low-fat butter. Together with it we naturally serve freshly-brewed coffee, cocoa or you can choose from our tea bar. We also look after your vitamine intake: choose from our freshly squeezed fruit juices at the buffet. How about some fresh fruit? You know what they say: "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".

What is most important: freshly baked bread, rolls, toast and wholemeal bread can be combined just as you like.

You had a long night: not yet fit for the new day? Hearty sausages and a traditional "gulash soup" will give your body new strength. We also serve scrambled eggs, ham or fresh milk from our farmers which helps you getting started into the day.

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