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Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental...

No. 1 worldwide of all ski areas*

The SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental, the largest connected skiing region throughout Austria, offers skiers and snowboarders perfect conditions on over 279 km of slopes. More than 91 skiing lifts take our guests into the skiing region. Diversified pistes of all levels of difficulty await you.


* - World's best ski area.
In February our ski area received the best rating out of 431 ski areas tested worldwide and shares first place with Ski Arlberg and KitzSki, the Kitzbühel ski area that is also popular with our guests and is located in the immediate vicinity.
The world's largest ski resort tester, the ski resort, awarded 4.8 out of 5 possible points in 19 categories.
We are happy to be part of this success and even more so to be able to offer our guests these optimal possibilities. Right in the middle of number 1 - and right next door is the second number 1, the legendary Kitzbühel.

At the regional skiing schools children can learn skiing from certified and experienced skiing instructors. Our skiing- and snowboarding schools also offer skiing-, snowboarding- and cross-country skiing lessions for adults. Over 80 huts, guest houses, restaurants and bars cater to your culinary needs throughout the entire SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental!

  • lifts: 91
  • Total length of slopes (in km): 279
  • 75 % snow-secure
  • mountain restaurants/skiing huts: 80
  • ski routes/„off-pistes“: 16 km
  • lighted night slopes:
  • Brixen: Schusterbühel (17) - easy
  • Westendorf: Schneeberg (126) easy
  • artificially-snowed slopes: 210 km, 1.058 snow-cannons
  • skiing schools: 18
  • Towns: Brixen im Thale / Ellmau / Going / Hopfgarten / Itter / Kelchsau / Scheffau / Söll / Westendorf

Lift and slope status Brixen im Thale

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental

StateNameTypeLengthHeightOpening times
6er Gondelbahn Hochbrixen (FFP2)1800 m500 m
Kälbersalvenbahn (MNS)1470 m370 m
Zinsbergbahn (FFP2)1800 m380 m
Poldangerlift (MNS)300 m80 m
Jochbahn (FFP2)2000 m580 m
Filzbodenbahn (MNS)1750 m410 m
Würstlexpress (MNS)160 m30 m
Übungslift Hochbrixen (MNS)120 m15 m
Skischullift Hochbrixen (MNS)100 m10 m
8er- SkiWeltbahn (FFP2)3410 m1010 m
Sonnenlift (MNS)205 m3 m
Schusterbühellift (MNS)170 m40 m
Sonnenband (MNS)23 m3 m

Data provision by SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental

Last updated on 16.05.2021 14:00:20 - SkiWelt Brixen im Thale

Lift and slope status Ellmau - Going

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental

StateNameTypeLengthHeightOpening times
10er Gondelbahn Hartkaiserbahn (FFP2)2300 m700 m
Marcher (MNS)800 m110 m
Sternfeld Übungslift (MNS)230 m30 m
Zauberteppich Vetterstätt (MNS)230 m30 m
Vetterstätt (MNS)700 m140 m
Bärenlift (MNS)300 m30 m
Kirchbichl (MNS)430 m70 m
Ranhart (MNS)1100 m310 m
Schmiedalm (MNS)1380 m420 m
Ellmi's Zauberteppich I (MNS)100 m15 m
Ellmi's Zauberteppich II (MNS)54 m10 m
Hausberg (FFP2)1100 m300 m
Ellmi's 6er (MNS)1202 m300 m
Kaiserexpress (MNS)600 m160 m
Köglbahn (MNS)1000 m310 m
Almbahn (MNS)1100 m300 m
Tanzboden (MNS)710 m160 m
Astberg (FFP2)1500 m470 m
Sonnenlift (MNS)860 m250 m
Maxilift (MNS)360 m70 m
Zauberteppich Astberg (MNS)220 m40 m

Data provision by SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental

Last updated on 16.05.2021 13:03:19 - SkiWelt Ellmau - Going

Lift and slope status Hopfgarten-Itter-Kelchsau

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental

StateNameTypeLengthHeightOpening times
8er Gondelbahn Salvenbahn I (FFP2)2120 m550 m
8er Gondelbahn Salvenbahn II (FFP2)1775 m650 m
10er Gondelbahn Salvistabahn (FFP2)2618 m894 m
Hohe Salve I (MNS)1100 m380 m
Rigibahn (MNS)900 m320 m
Schernthannbahn (FFP2)1300 m400 m
Foischingbahn (MNS)1420 m380 m
Zauberteppich Bodenschmied (MNS)100 m20 m
Zauberteppich Högerfeld (MNS)100 m20 m
Kasbichlbahn (MNS)1200 m360 m
Übungslift Itter (MNS)140 m20 m
Mittererwieslift (MNS)900 m180 m
Babylift Kelchsau (MNS)90 m30 m
Hofstattbahn Kelchsau (MNS)1400 m350 m
Hagermooslift Kelchsau (MNS)500 m100 m
Hagerjochlift Kelchsau (MNS)1300 m250 m
Pfaringlift120 m30 m

Data provision by SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental

Last updated on 16.05.2021 13:01:19 - SkiWelt Hopfgarten - Itter - Kelchsau

Lift and slope status Scheffau

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental

StateNameTypeLengthHeightOpening times
4EUB Brandstadl (FFP2)3260 m965 m
8er Gondelbahn Brandstadl I (FFP2)2150 m555 m
8er Gondelbahn Brandstadl II (FFP2)1075 m410 m
Osthang (FFP2)525 m125 m
Ostlift (MNS)300 m50 m
Südhang (MNS)760 m250 m
Eiberg I (MNS)500 m150 m
Eiberg II (MNS)500 m150 m
Kummereralm (MNS)875 m295 m
Muldenbahn (MNS)455 m145 m
Aualm (FFP2)1100 m290 m
Hochalm (MNS)365 m150 m
Hochfeldlift-Schwoich (MNS)556 m96 m
Übungslift Hochfeld-Schwoich (MNS)125 m12 m
Babylift (MNS)120 m10 m
Übungslift - Berg (MNS)154 m24 m
Übungslift - Dorf (MNS)200 m20 m

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Last updated on 16.05.2021 13:04:19 - SkiWelt Scheffau

Lift and slope status Söll

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental

StateNameTypeLengthHeightOpening times
10er Gondelbahn Hexenwasser (FFP2)1900 m420 m
8er Gondelbahn Hohe Salve (FFP2)1900 m680 m
Keat (FFP2)1200 m390 m
Stöckl (MNS)525 m200 m
Hexen6er (FFP2)1250 m370 m
Rinner (MNS)600 m150 m
Hans im Glück (FFP2)450 m110 m
Siller-Keat (FFP2)880 m310 m
Knolln (MNS)500 m50 m
Übungslift (MNS)140 m20 m
Hexenteppich (MNS)42 m15 m

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Last updated on 16.05.2021 13:02:19 - SkiWelt Söll

Lift and slope status Westendorf

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental

StateNameTypeLengthHeightOpening times
6er Gondelbahn Alpenrosenbahn I (FFP2)1500 m520 m
6er Gondelbahn Alpenrosenbahn II (FFP2)1600 m450 m
8er Gondelbahn Choralmbahn (FFP2)2200 m890 m
8er Gondelbahn KiWest (FFP2)3000 m800 m
Talkaser (MNS)500 m160 m
Laubkogel (MNS)230 m45 m
Fleiding (FFP2)1545 m600 m
Windauberg (MNS)850 m220 m
Gampenkogel (MNS)760 m230 m
Sammer (MNS)270 m40 m
Schneeberg (MNS)525 m80 m

Data provision by SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental

Last updated on 16.05.2021 13:05:19 - SkiWelt Westendorf

Moring, 16.05.2021

Temerature 7°C

Sunshine 50%

Frostline 1700

Afternoon, 16.05.2021

Temerature 14°C

Sunshine 30%

Frostline 2500

Tomorrow, 17.05.2021

Temerature 12°C

Sunshine 50%

Frostline 2200

Day after tomorrow, 18.05.2021

Temerature 10°C

Sunshine 20%

Frostline 2000

Forecast Wir verbleiben im Einflussbereich von feuchter Luft. Vor allem vormittags sind dabei sehr angenehme Bedingungen zu erwarten: Ein paar flache Morgennebel lösen sich rasch auf und bis über Mittag scheint dann immer wieder die Sonne. Am Nachmittag bilden sich dann immer mehr Quellwolken, die sich zu Schauern und Gewittern entwickeln können.

Trend Am Montag, Dienstag und Mittwoch ist der Himmel stark bewölkt und es regnet häufig.

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copyright by Privater Wetterdienst Aufwind, Inhaber Bernhard Gorgulla


Where: Description:
Ellmau: Intersport Kaiser-Park Easyline with 3 Boxes (Flat - Up & Down - Flat), Expertline with 5 Boxes / Rails (Flatrail - Wallridespine-Rainbowbox - Flatbox - Kinkedbox & Picknicktable), 2er-Kicker combo & 2er-Roller combo, chill area
Westendorf: Westendorf: boarders playground, Public and Pro Park: 5 m table, 3 m table, Roller combo, corner, 3 m jump, Funbox, 3 m rainbow, 3 m straight rail, roller, 15 m table, 20 - 25 m table, chill area
Söll: Söll: winter garden Snowpark Wellenbahn,giant slalom course to practise, Kids Box, Jib Box, Mailbox, Kink Box, Jib Tube, Jib Tank, A Frame, Down Rail, C Box

Additional "Points of action"...

  • Speed measurement courses: Jochbahn (6), Almbahn (98), Ostlift (65)
  • Race courses: Kälbersalve (2) - Brixen, Almbahn (98) - Ellmau-Going, Hagermoos (37) - Kelchsau, Hagerjoch (38) - Kelchsau, Eiberg (67) - Scheffau, Zieplhang practise area - Westendorf, Laubkogel, Talkaser - Westendorf
  • High altitude - cross-country skiing run: Bergstation Hochbrixen (1), 6er Bahn
  • Deep snow - Freeride areas: Fleiding/Hampfer - Westendorf, Moderer Brandstadl - Talstation (5km) controlled and secure
  • Tobogganing runs: lighted during the night; Astbergbahn-Going (100) - 4,5 km
  • cable car Hochsöll (40) - 3 km
  • Gondelbahn Hochsöll (40) - 3 km
  • challenging slopes and black downhills: Kaslach (1a) - Brixen, Hartkaser (80 b) - Ellmau Vihap, Astberg - Going, Brandstadl Moderer downhill - Scheffau Nr. 40/45 - Söll, Alpseite - Westendorf

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Winter complete packages
Winter complete packages

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