Dogs and other "hotel-appropriate" pets are also welcome in our hotel. (We have already had dogs, cats and turtles as guests).
We only ask that you bring your own food and other necessary utensils. We are sure you will understand that we do not allow dogs to sleep on our sofas or beds or to leave nervous or noisy animals alone in the room for long periods of time.
For room cleaning by our housekeeping, we kindly ask you to inform the reception when the rooms are accessible.
Our beloved four-legged friends are not allowed in the Spa Vital with the pool area and the sauna area, the adventure pool and the swimming pond in the garden. Nor are they allowed in the restaurant. However, we will be happy to set up a table for you directly in front of the restaurant in the bar area if your family member cannot stay alone in the room.
Please bear in mind that some people prefer dogs at a distance. Therefore, you are requested to keep your treasure on a leash both in the house and in the garden area.
The "doggy station" at our car park also takes care of the disposal of the "souvenir bags".

You see, whether two-legged or four-legged, you are always a welcome guest with us.