Vital & Sporthotel Brixen


Massages for him & her

Soft, healing hands will help you relax and feel well. Within soothing and harmonious atmosphere you will experience what it means to feel secure and protected. Massages - to release stress, to relax and for an overall feeling of regeneration - this is pure luxury for body, mind and soul.

Classic Massage

  • Your skin and your metabolism will be activated, blood and lymph systems will be enhanced, muscle tensions will be treated.
  • Duration: 25 min EUR 29,00

Aroma Oil Massage

  • Relaxing massage with warm aroma oils
  • Duration: 50 min. EUR 53,00

Manual Lymph Drainage

  • This treatment is done with soft and long movements. There is no firm pressure, but even more so you will experience a sensible treatment method. Drainage means dehydration, and an enhanced purification from your body afterwards.
  • Duration: approx. 25 min EUR 35,00 or 50 min EUR 53,00

Brush Massage

  • Enhances your blood circulation, especially suitable for fighting cellulite, includes a body pack afterwards.
  • Duration: approx. 50 min EUR 53,00

Foot Reflex Massage

  • This treatment aims at local and intensive blood circulation. Thus, you will experience an improvement of your organ- and skin functions, also headaches, digestion problems and sleep disturbances can be eased.
  • Duration: approx. 25 min EUR 29,00

Special Offers

Offer: Minutes: Price:
5 part body massages (classic) á 25 Minuten € 127,00
5 full body massages (classic or healing massage) á 50 Minuten € 220,00
5 foot reflex zone massages á 25 Minuten € 122,00
5 lymph drainages á 25 Minuten € 155,00
5 lymph drainages á 50 Minuten € 235,00

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