Vital & Sporthotel Brixen


Your body will love you for this

Thes combination of active agents, which are absorbed through your skin, peelings and massages are going to regenerate your body from the in- and outside. Enjoy these exclusive body treatments here at the Sporthotel Brixen in Tirol.

Medical Fango Pack

  • Ideal for back pain, muscle tensions, rheumatic or chronic illnesses, perfect as preparation for a healing massage
  • Duration: approx. 25 minutes EUR 23,00

Additional Offers

Offer: Price:
Hand- or foot peeling, pack and massage (approx. 30 min.) € 25,00
Body peeling € 29,00
Body peeling and body pack € 45,00
Bath, peeling and body pack € 58,00
Manicure € 25,00
Manicure with nail polish € 28,00
Manicure with peeling and pack (approx. 60 min.) € 35,00
Medical foot care with foot bath € 33,00
Medical foot care with foot bath and nail polish € 38,00
Medical foot pack with peeling and pack (approx. 60 minutes) € 45,00

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