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The Dream of Flying...

Check your equipment and let's get going! An experienced pilot only needs 5 minutes in order to get up into the air. You navigate the 20-30 qm large and slightly elliptical gliding canvas via two controlling strings. Despite its easy handling the paraglider is an effective aircraft, with which you can undertake long flights. The flight record is recorded at an unbelievably long 426 km!

Paragliding: the new trend sports:
A new trend sports is gaining ground around the world. Paragliding, a fascinating new sports, now known as an addictive new sports just like it has been the case with windsurfing a few years ago. Within the alps a new picture is shaping the everyday life. People are flying from mountain summits and -sides with the help of colourful parachutes - the paragliders! Paragliding is a mixture of hang-gliding and parachute jumping and combines elements of both these two sports in itself. Paragliding means controlled flying with the help of a rectangular-aerodynamically built paraglider.

Courses and private lessons for beginners and experienced paragliders:
Only 3 km away from our hotel you will find a professional paragliding school. The best requirement for a safe start, an enjoyable flight and a problem-free landing is a solid and basic training. Thus, you can make use of the offer by the renowned flying school Westendorf.They train you in small groups and you will be made familiar with this fascinating sports, without any stress and hectic - during summer and winter months.

You would like to experience the thrill?


No problem! You just have to bring:

  • health
  • curiosity
  • one hour of your time
  • the willingness to enjoy this marvellous feeling

The perfectly trained tandem pilots at the Paragliding school Westendorf will show you how great it is to fly - you can take over control if you like, and at the same time you can marvel at the beautiful region from a bird's eye view.

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