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Massages for him & her experience for your senses

Soft, healing hands will help you relax and feel well. Within soothing and harmonious atmosphere you will experience what it means to feel secure and protected. Massages - to release stress, to relax and for an overall feeling of regeneration - this is pure luxury for body, mind and soul.

Classic Massage

  • Tension of the muscles have different causes, like by one-sided stress, lack of exercise or poor posture, and can be solved by the classical massage.
  • Duration: approx. 25 min EUR 36,00 or 50 min EUR 65,00

Aroma Oil Massage

  • The Aoma oil massage is a pleasantly warming and relaxing massage. Through the action of essential oils, a harmony is created that has an effect on our well-being. The oils have a positive effect on the skin nerves and energy flow.
  • Duration: approx. 50 min. EUR 78,00

Brush Massage

  • Enhances your blood circulation, especially suitable for fighting cellulite, includes a body pack afterwards.
  • Duration: approx. 50 min EUR 74,00

Foot Reflex Massage

  • This treatment aims at local and intensive blood circulation. Thus, you will experience an improvement of your organ- and skin functions, also headaches, digestion problems and sleep disturbances can be eased.
  • Duration: approx. 25 min EUR 39,00 or with legmassage approx. 50 min EUR 68,00

Hot stone massage

  • The heat of the stones accelerates the blood circulation and thus provides the cells with more oxygen. The Hot Stone Massage also increases removal of waste products.
  • Duration: approx. 75 min EUR 88,00

Wellness massages

  • Royal Honey / Chokoholikal / Ginkgo-Genuss
  • These three exceptional massages promise an exciting sense of enjoyment. With the knowledge of ancient Greece, ancient Mexico and traditional Asia, these massages were created with valuable natural materials
  • Duration: approx. 50 min EUR 84,00

Vital package

  • 1 classic massage 25 Min.
  • 1 foot reflex massage
  • 1 Aroma oil- or wellness massage
  • 3 massages for EUR 135,00

Enjoyment package

  • 1 brush massage
  • 1 Aroma oil- or wellness massage
  • 1 Hot Stone massage
  • 3 massages for EUR 220,00

Special Offers

Offer: Minutes: Price:
5 part body massages (classic) á 25 Minuten € 159,00
5 full body massages (classic) á 50 Minuten € 289,00

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