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Your individual Tennis Training...

It is our goal that you are having fun during your tennis holidays in Austria. No matter if you prefer serious and professional training or fun matches. Our training program focuses on your personal strengths and weaknesses. We offer modern and up-to-date methods in order to improve your game.

Single training lesson: 50 min
Tandem lesson for two: 60 min

For tennis clubs: Here at the Sporthotel Brixen we offer a special training program for tennis teams in order to prepare you for outdoor tennis court season. We offer group training with a lot of tactics for single and double matches. Learn about special techniques how pro's corner their opponent to make their match point. Which kind of formation at a double match is useful, what are the different variants and how do you confuse your opponent with tactical changes during the game?

The right tactic during a tennis match is influenced by...
1. Your own game - strengths and weaknesses
2. Your opponents' game, his/her strengths and weaknesses
3. Your own,personal condition.
4. Your own physical ability.
5. Your own psyhical ability.
6. Your opponents' psyhical ability.

During the game you should try and use the following tactics.... Force your own game onto your opponent.
2. If you do not succeed in doing so, look for your opponent's weaknesses and focus on these.
3. If this is not working, try to surprise your opponent, e.g. Big Game, when you are usually staying at the back.

Tennishalle Belag

Our strengths:
* professional coaches, who made their hobby their profession
* the entire tennis area directly at the hotel (5 outdoor tennis courts and 5 indoor courts)
* weather guarantee
* the methods
* the student is his/her best possible trainer
* if you are not making progress within one week, it's not your fault
* we are building you up on three principles: fun, success and individual training according to your needs
* EVERYTHING around your tennis training has to be right
* we only offer coaches who study and practise their own game of tennis constantly
* we do not focus on mistakes, but on the causes, and also on the individual strengths of our students
* when you are having fun, you also play well
* we do not want to change your game of tennis, but we want to to learn something new

We are using the following equipment to improve your game:
* video analysis
* ball pitch machines
* electronic match analysis
* Serving speed analysis
* Fligh path equipment
* Training wall
* Tennis rackets for rent
* Tennis Shop
* Traction service

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