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Wheelchair Tennis in Tirol

A wheelchair-friendly area:
Over the last few years we have designed our hotel so that wheelchair-bound guests can access and use all our amenities. All areas at the Sporthotel Brixen have been designed in such a way, that you won't need any stairs to get into the tennis court hall, into the vital centre, the indoor swimming pool, the outdoor pool, the hotel bar or into our restaurant. You also won't face any difficulties when accessing our tennis courts. Wheelchair tennis holds a fascination of its own and when playing, you will have to obey the same rules as their are valid for regular tennis matches, with only a few exeptions and additions.

Wheelchair Tennis in Tirol

  • The ball is allowed to touch the ground twice, before it has to be served back, it can,however, be played after the first touch on the ground. The first touch has to be within the regular tennis field, the second can be outside of it.
  • When serving, no body part or part of the wheelchair (front wheel) is allowed to go beyond the base line, otherwise it will be a "foot fault".
  • The wheelchair is seen as a "body part" during the game. Thus your opponent receives the point, if the ball touches the wheelchair. It does not matter if you are inside or outside of the tennis field. If the player touches the net with his/her body, or with the wheelchair or racket when the ball is still in the game, the opponent will receive the point.

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