Terms & Conditions

What you should know about booking, rebooking, cancellation etc

Direct bookings with us are low-risk bookings.
(Tour operators, online portals etc. have their own conditions)
In addition to the following scale of cancellation fees in our general terms and conditions, which continue to apply to other individual and personal reasons for cancellation, you always have the option of speaking to us directly if you book directly. We consider each case individually and will be happy to advise you on which is the best option in the unforeseeable event. For even less risk, we recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance, e.g. for accidents and illnesses of all kinds, which should largely cover any cancellation fees that may arise.

1. Excerpt General Terms and Conditions (GTCs)

Scope: These general terms and conditions apply to all non-binding reservation inquiries as well as to binding bookings via the Sporthotel reservation system (hereinafter referred to as SRS).

Reservation request and booking: Every reservation request and booking is passed on to the Vital & Sporthotel Brixen via SRS as a messenger on your behalf. Non-binding reservation requests are sent to the hotel via e-mail and are answered directly by them with an offer or specific information you have requested. In contrast, bookings of individual services and packages via SRS are binding. With bookings, an accommodation or travel service contract is concluded with a mouse click; in particular, the cancellation deadlines and conditions specified must be observed. The Vital & Sporthotel Brixen has the option of refusing a booking within 24 hours; for arrangements with additional services, e.g. from external providers, up to 72 hours.

Accommodation or travel service contract and payment: The accommodation or travel service contract is concluded directly between you and the Vital & Sporthotel Brixen during a booking. You pay the confirmed price directly at the hotel in cash or with a major credit card. All claims and obligations arising from the accommodation or travel service contract exist directly and exclusively between the person making the booking and the Sporthotel Brixen.

Even if our cancellation conditions are considered moderate, since they are absolutely risk-free up to three months before arrival, we recommend travel cancellation insurance for all bookings.

Cancellation costs:
  • up to 3 months: no cancellation fees
  • 3 months to 1 month: 40%
  • 1 month to 1 week: 70%
  • In the last week: 90%

Hotel categories and hotel/travel information: The internationally accepted hotel classification based on stars provides a non-binding indication of the hotel standard, taking into account the hotel's self-assessment. All additional hotel and travel information and descriptions are also based on the hotel's own information.

Contractually agreed room prices: All prices appearing in the system are current daily prices or special rates (which can change at any time) and apply to all bookings made via the SRS.

The bookings are made at the best, most current daily price that is shown for the selected travel date at the time of booking. Any promotional prices, discounts or advantages are automatically taken into account when booking. A combination of several discounts is not provided. Likewise, conditions presented by other providers cannot be combined.

Miscellaneous: All information has been compiled with the utmost care. However, no liability can be assumed for any errors in data collection or data transmission. The transfer of data to other data carriers, even in part, or use for purposes other than those provided here is only permitted with the express permission of Vital & Sporthotel Brixen.

Applicable law: Austrian law applies. Place of jurisdiction is Kitzbühel, Austria.

2. Explanations on data protection

The Vital & Sporthotel Brixen would like to strengthen your confidence in the online reservation of individual services and package deals. That's why we're providing you with comprehensive information here

  • what information is collected from you and
  • how this information is used.

Anonymous use of the reservation service: You can usually access our reservation service without providing any personal information, i. H. anonymous use is possible. For example, you can find out about the offer without having to register.

Registration: If you want to appear as a reservation or booking customer or as a hotel or travel provider at Vital & Sporthotel Brixen, we need personal data from you, such as your name and address, to process the transactions. You will be expressly informed of this data collection as part of your registration. This mandatory data, the scope of which can be found on the registration form, is required and processed to set up the contractual relationship. Furthermore, you will regularly receive the Vital & Sporthotel Brixen newsletter on the basis of this mandatory data, provided you confirm it. You can unsubscribe at any time. It is not absolutely necessary to provide the data marked as voluntary for registration. If you have provided voluntary information, it will be evaluated in an anonymous form for statistical purposes.

Right to information: As a registered user, we will of course provide you with information free of charge at any time as to what data we have collected from you. If you are interested, please contact info@vital-sporthotel.at.

Deletion: Upon request, we will delete your data completely and immediately. Please also contact info@vital-sporthotel.at for this. Please note that data deletion can only be carried out after all open transactions have been completed. We will be happy to inform you about a successful deletion on request.